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Outside The Confines: A new team in on Correa? It’s a mystery!

Hot stove season has more plot twists than the new Knives Out movie.

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Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

If you want baseball drama, look no further than the ongoing saga of Carlos Correa. Baseball’s favorite villain when he was with the Astros, Correa then signed a free agent deal with the Twins. After only one season, he decided to exercise his opt-out option and head for free agency yet again. And what a roller coaster that has been.

First the rumors pointed him to being signed with the spend-happy Mets. Then suddenly he had inked a deal with the Giants. Except after his physical the Giants seemed less inclined to follow through, and it was back to him being signed by the Mets. Except now even the Mets seem gunshy about something they’re seeing in his physical. So while the chances of that deal getting done seem to be split, now the new story has another team showing interest.

MLB dot com is tracking all the rumor mill happenings, and it seems like a mystery team has entered the chat to check things out with Correa’s agents. So perhaps there’s still an opportunity for him to sign elsewhere if the Mets deal falls through. Regardless of where Correa signs this has certainly been a fascinating offseason drama to follow.

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