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The Cubs have made multiple roster moves before Sunday’s season finale

Just to get some guys some playing time, I’m guessing.

Jared Young
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Cubs are going to have three players on their active roster Sunday who were not there Saturday.

To wit:

Jared Young is in today’s starting lineup, playing first base and batting seventh. The injured list placement for Nico Hoerner doesn’t mean he has any sort of serious injury, it’s just the last day of the season and the Cubs wanted to give Young the start.

Shane Greene and Tyler Duffey are likely here to relieve Drew Smyly, who probably can’t go more than two or three innings.

The other moves are all procedural, simply to open up spots for the players added for Sunday’s game.

Funny thing. The Brewers are playing — or at least starting — pretty much their everyday lineup, likely as a tuneup for the postseason. Those players might not play the entire game, though. It would be very odd if this makeshift, split-squad spring training type lineup might defeat the Brew Crew.

As always, we await developments.