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Outside The Confines: Kim Ng and the Marlins part ways

The Marlins’ GM brought the team to the postseason, and they wanted to bring in someone over her head.

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Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

In November 2020, Kim Ng made baseball history when it was announced that she would become the first female GM of an MLB team when she took the helm of the Miami Marlins. On Tuesday it was announced that Ng and the Marlins would be parting ways after three seasons, and Ng helping lead the Marlins to their first postseason trip in a full 162-game season in twenty years.

It seems the rift between Ng and the Marlins came as the Marlins indicated they might be looking to hire a team President, a position that would effectively push Ng down to the number two spot in the organization.

While Ng has declined to comment, there are plenty of openings across MLB teams right now for a GM with a proven track record, so it’s unlikely Ng will be without a job for long.

Here’s a bit more reading material on the split:

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