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Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ are Gold Glove finalists

The winners will be announced on an ESPN show next month.

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The Cubs have never had three Gold Glove winners in a single season, but that could happen this year, with Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ all “finalists.”

Rawlings announced “finalists” for 2023 Gold Glove awards Wednesday, and three Cubs were named as those Wednesday by the sporting goods company.

I put “finalists” in quotes because there isn’t another vote to be taken; instead, these are the players at each position who finished in the top three of the voting, all of which was completed before the regular season ended. The winners will be announced in a live broadcast on ESPN Sunday, November 5 at 5:30 p.m. CT.

Cubs who are listed as “finalists” are:

The Cubs have two “finalists” who have previously won a Gold Glove: Swanson and Happ, who both won the award in 2022, Swanson as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Here are the criteria used for deciding the winners, which include the following voting procedures:

The Rawlings Gold Glove Award® represents overall fielding excellence, and it is not an award based solely on fielding metrics and statistics, nor does it factor in offensive production.

Only the manager and six (6) coaches for each Major League Baseball team vote, for a total of seven (7) votes per team. Each person must sign the completed Ballot in order to be considered valid.

Managers and coaches cannot vote for their own players and can only vote for players in their own League.

Managers and coaches cast votes for players at particular positions, not in general terms; i.e. qualified LF instead of three general OF.

Eligibility for a Rawlings Gold Glove Award closely follows qualification standards set forth in MLB Rule 10.22 (Minimum Standards for Individual Championships). Only players listed in the resource guide are eligible for a Rawlings Gold Glove Award at the specific position listed. For rules on player qualification for a particular position, please see the “Notes & Glossary” section of the resource guide. Qualified players are sorted in alphabetical order.

Here are some of Nico Hoerner’s best defensive plays from 2023.

August 18 vs. Royals [VIDEO]

September 3 vs. Reds [VIDEO]

September 5 vs. Giants [VIDEO]

Here are some of Dansby Swanson’s best defensive plays from 2023.

April 1 vs. Brewers [VIDEO]

July 31 vs. Reds [VIDEO]

September 8 vs. Diamondbacks [VIDEO]

Here are some of Ian Happ’s best defensive plays from 2023.

May 19 vs. Phillies [VIDEO]

August 29 vs. Brewers [VIDEO]

September 10 vs. Diamondbacks [VIDEO]

Again, the winners will be revealed November 5. Here’s hoping for some postseason hardware for Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ.