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Baseball history unpacked, October 20

A M-W-F digest, replete with #Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB content, gathered from reputable sources. The Cardinals have always been that way, and other stories. Plus ‘poetry’. RIP Eric Cooper. A LOT happened today, historically-speaking. Read on!

Photo by: 2019 Diamond Images via Getty Images

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue is pleased to present a light-hearted, Cubs-centric look at baseball’s colorful past, with plenty of the lore and various narratives to follow as they unfold over the course of time. Here’s a handy Cubs timeline, to help you follow along.

Hi, I’m Mister A. A for anonymous.

(with apologies to the great Jay Livingston)

A source is a source, of course, of course

And someone can talk to a source of course

That is, of course, unless the source is the famous Mr. A!

Go right to the source and ask the horse

He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse

He’s always on a steady course

Talk to Mr. A!

People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day

But Mister A will never speak unless he has something to say

A source is a source, of course, of course

And this one’ll talk ‘til his voice is hoarse

You never heard of a talking source?

Well listen to this...

I am Mister A!

Today in baseball history:

  • 2019 - Umpire Eric Cooper*, a veteran of 24 major league seasons, passes away from a heart attack at age 52, only a few days after working the Division Series between the Yankees and Twins. (2)

Cubs birthdays: Marty Sullivan, Skel Roach, Arnold Statz, Leon Brinkopf, Jose Veras. Also notable: Mickey Mantle HOF, Juan Marichal HOF.

Today in history:

  • 1097 - 1st Crusaders arrive in Antioch during the First Crusade. They do not have the Holy Hand Grenade yet.
  • 1600 - Battle of Sekigahara sets Tokugawa clan as Japan’s rulers (shoguns).
  • 1774 - American Continental Congress orders discouragement of entertainment.
  • 1803 - US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase.
  • 1888 - Chicago and All America baseball teams play exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • 1908 - King Leopold II sells Congo to Belgium.
  • 1917 - US suffragette Alice Paul begins a 7 month jail sentence for peacefully picketing in support of the women’s Suffrage (right to vote) Amendment at the White House in Washington, D.C.
  • 1918 - In order to secure a WWI armistice, Germany agrees to further concessions.
  • 1924 - 1st Negro League World Series: KC Monarchs shuts out Hilldales, 5-0.
  • 1951 - The “Johnny Bright Incident” occurs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Common sources:


Some of these items spread from site to site without being verified. That is exactly why we ask for reputable sources if you have differences with a posted factoid, so that we can address that to the originators and provide clarity if not ‘truth’. Nothing is posted here without at least one instance of corroboration (this also includes the history bullets). Thanks for reading, and thanks also for your cooperation.