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Cub Tracks’ son of abridged too far

Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB news and notes, cooked just the way you like them. How is it all going to come down? Speculation is all we have to cling to, and it’s a slippery rock to hold. There’s no scrying in baseball.

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Welcome to today’s episode of Cub Tracks news and notes™, a greatest-hits collection of Chicago-style beat writers and bloggers, ground from #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball, overheated, steeped in writers’ tears, and then cold-brewed overnight for maximum flavor.

Everyone must be writing about the Bears today. The only one filing many Cubs stories is our ‘friend’ Brad WakA.I., and I’m not linking to those. Fan Nation does have other writers, at least some of which are bound to be human and might even write their own stuff.

“Its habit of getting up late you’ll agree

That it carries too far, when I say

That it frequently breakfasts at five-o’clock tea,

And dines on the following day.” — Lewis Carroll, perhaps not describing a scribe.

This just in: Cody Bellinger is going to get and entertain offers. Thanks, Cap’n.

So many roster jenga possibilities. Such uncertainty. We’ll burn those bridges when we cross them. At the bottom of this page, there’s a sample Cub Tracks column written by ChatGPT. See if you can tell the difference ;)

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Chicago is an improving team in a great town, but no one around the Mets believes Pete Alonso has a craving for the Cubs, as was reported.

Alonso was upset about Buck Showalter’s firing, as our Mike Puma reported, but that shouldn’t kill the Mets’ chances.

And folks shouldn’t write off the Mets simply because Alonso hired BorasCorp. Scott Boras and Steve Cohen made three nine-figure agreements (Max Scherzer, Brandon Nimmo and Carlos Correa before the physical halted that one).

The report the Cubs are interested makes sense — they did try to acquire him at the deadline. — Jon Heyman.

Food for Thought:

“Cub Tracks: Embracing the Windy City Baseball Buzz”

Welcome back, Cubs fans, to another exciting edition of Cub Tracks! As the summer sun graces the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, we’ve got plenty to discuss and dissect about our beloved Chicago Cubs.

Hot Bats, Red-Hot Rizzo

The Cubs’ offense has been firing on all cylinders lately, and leading the charge is none other than Anthony Rizzo. Our veteran first baseman has been on a tear, hitting for both power and average. It’s been a joy to watch him carry the team on his broad shoulders, delivering clutch hits when needed most. Rizzo’s leadership on and off the field continues to be a driving force behind our success.

Rookie Phenom Alert

Let’s talk about the Cubs’ latest rookie sensation. Out of nowhere, a young arm by the name of Jackson Mercer has been turning heads. His fastball is electric, and his breaking stuff is wicked. If he can keep this up, he might just find himself in the conversation for Rookie of the Year. The future looks bright for this young gun.

Wrigleyville Eats

This week, we ventured out to explore some of the tastiest eats in Wrigleyville. From classic Chicago dogs to gourmet pizza, there’s no shortage of delicious options just a short stroll from the ballpark. Be sure to check out “Murphy’s Bleachers” for some of the best pre-game grub in town. It’s the perfect place to fuel up before cheering on our Cubbies.

In the Dugout with Manager Smith

Our fearless leader, Manager David Smith, gave us some insight into his strategy this season. “It’s all about consistency and playing one game at a time,” he said. “We’ve got a great group of guys in that locker room, and we’re all focused on the same goal: bringing a championship back to Chicago.” We couldn’t agree more, Skipper!

Around the League

In the broader baseball landscape, it’s been an unpredictable season. We’ve seen surprise contenders, unexpected slumps, and thrilling walk-off victories across the league. Keep your eyes on the standings as we head into the final stretch of the season. It’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting playoff races in years.

That’s a wrap for this edition of Cub Tracks. As we embark on the second half of the season, the Windy City is buzzing with excitement. Stay tuned for more Cubs action, as we follow every pitch, every swing, and every memorable moment on this incredible journey.

Remember, Go Cubs Go!

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