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Outside The Confines: Is Clayton Kershaw cursed?

Another disappointing postseason performance makes some wonder if Kershaw is predestined for bad luck.

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Well, no one likes to say there are postseason curses (certainly not on a Cubs site!) but there are certainly some “curses” being broken this year—the Twins are thankful—while others remain steadfast. Clayton Kershaw, who has routinely been excellent during the regular season his whole career, has consistently struggled in his postseason outings.

This year is no different. During game one of the NLDS, the Dodgers took on the Diamondbacks, and Kershaw gave up six runs — retiring only one batter — before he was pulled from the game.

Kershaw didn’t mince words about his performance when he spoke to the press postgame, and he didn’t make any excuses. “Disappointing. Embarrassing. There’s no excuses. “I let everybody down,” he said.

It’s another bummer postseason performance in a long career of October struggles. Which just begs the question as Kershaw’s career winds down: when is he going to get his chance to shine one last time?

Here are some more details on Kershaw’s terrible Game 1:

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