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The Cubs will be replacing the upper-deck roof at Wrigley Field

It’s another offseason project to make sure the ballpark lasts for generations to come.

Wrigley Field’s upper deck roof on Opening Day 2022
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Cubs are hosting a college football game at Wrigley Field tomorrow between Northwestern and Iowa.

It won’t be too long after that when a major offseason Wrigley project begins. The team announced Friday that starting Monday, November 6, a four-month construction project to replace the upper roof of Wrigley Field will begin. The full upper roof replacement is part of routine repairs and updates made to the ballpark in the offseason and mirrors the replacement of the ballpark’s lower roof in 2019.

The project will include the replacement of wood structural beams and wood slates with high strength steel as well as the installation of a new roof membrane.

Construction is expected to finish in early March 2024 ahead of Opening Day at Wrigley Field.

We will, hopefully, have photos to update this project as it goes along.