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Marcus Stroman opts out of his Cubs contract

This could change everything.

Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images

Marcus Stroman had an opt-out of his Cubs deal for 2024, which would have paid him $21 million.

Today, the Cubs have saved that money:

This is a big deal for the Cubs. That would have amounted to nearly 10 percent of the team’s payroll for 2024, and now they can use that money for more pitching — or to invest in Cody Bellinger, perhaps.

It’s a gamble on Stroman’s part, given the injuries and horrific second half he had for the Cubs.

Overall in two years for the Cubs, Stroman posted a 3.73 ERA and 1.202 WHIP in 52 games (50 starts). He made the N.L. All-Star team in 2023, though he opted out of participating.

He’ll be remembered in particular for the one-hitter he threw against the Rays this past May. Here are three minutes of highlights from that game [VIDEO].

I wish Stroman well going forward — and of course will be very interested in where the Cubs go with this sudden windfall.

As always, we await developments.