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Justin Steele, Adbert Alzolay, Javier Assad among 103 players who got money from MLB’s pre-arb pool

It’s all part of the new CBA getting younger players more money.

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

One of the biggest points of contention in the last MLB-MLBPA labor negotiation was a desire on the part of the players to get more money to younger players, instead of making them wait until they became free agents.

The parties finally agreed on some money being allocated each year to what was termed the “pre-arb pool,” cash that was to be divided among players in several different ways.

This AP article details the method and the allocation among 103 players who were eligible for money from the pool:

An eligible player gets $2.5 million for winning a MVP or Cy Young Award, $1.75 million for second in the voting, $1.5 million for third, $1 million for fourth, fifth or all-MLB first team, $750,000 for Rookie of the Year, $500,000 for second in Rookie of the Year voting or all-MLB second team. A player is eligible to receive a bonus for only one award per year, for the highest amount eligible for. The remaining money is allocated by a WAR formula.

Justin Steele received $1,673,331 from the pool. That’s the fifth-highest amount for any of the 103 players. The top four (they’re all listed at the link) were Julio Rodriguez, Corbin Carroll, Adley Rutschman and Spencer Strider. Some of Steele’s award ($1 million) came from his fifth place Cy Young finish, the rest from the WAR formula.

The two other Cubs who got some money from the pool were Adbert Alzolay ($263,794) and Javier Assad ($261,955).

Kudos to the players for negotiating more money for younger guys and congrats to the three Cubs who received cash from this deal.