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Nike is changing MLB uniforms for 2024

Can’t say I like some of these modifications.

Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Some folks noticed, at Shohei Ohtani’s news conference introducing him as a Dodger, that the Dodgers jersey had been subtly altered. You can see that in the photo above — instead of the jersey making a clean break between the “o” and “d” after the capital “D”, there’s a bit of the second “d” on the player’s right side (the left as you’re looking at him, or the photo).

There are going to be more changes in those uniforms, as well as the uniforms of all 30 MLB teams, made by Nike in 2024. These have been chronicled by Paul Lukas at his terrific Uni Watch site.

This article by Lukas shows several changes in the numbering style, including the fact that numbers on jerseys will now be “perforated.” You can see the changes at that link.

Today, Lukas posted another article on Nike’s changes, including the fact that the jersey “placket” (the part of the shirt on one side that overlaps the other) will be narrower than in previous years. You won’t likely notice this on Cubs uniforms, but on uniforms that have piping on the front, such as Diamondbacks and Tigers jerseys, it’ll be quite noticeable.

But here are the biggest changes, as noted by Lukas:

Meanwhile: My source also gave me the specs on the new number and NOB sizes. Here are the particulars:

All front numbers are now 4″ high.

All back numbers are now 8″ high.

All NOB lettering is now 2.5″ high.

In addition, all home whites are no longer truly white but are a v-e-r-y subtle off-white.

You’ll notice the difference in the numbers on the back and the NOB (“name on back”) lettering, for sure. Here’s what the back of Ohtani’s jersey looked like at his presser:

Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Here’s what the Dodgers’ No. 17 looked like in 2023, worn by Miguel Vargas:

Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

You can tell that the numbers and letters on the 2023 jersey are both larger than what we’ll see in 2024.

I’m not sure what Nike’s point is here in doing this. Personally, I think the smaller letters and numbers look worse and are harder to read at at distance.

I don’t yet have any examples of 2024 Cubs jerseys to show you. I assume we’ll see them premiere at the Cubs Convention in January and then I’ll be able to make a further judgment on them.

With no further Cubs signing or trade news at this time, I just thought you’d all like to see this change that is coming to MLB next season.


Nike’s new MLB jersey letter and number style...

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