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Who would be your ideal Cubs offseason acquisitions?

You make the call.

Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images

I’m sure most of you saw this tweet when it hit social media Wednesday morning:

So I’m of two minds here, and some of you eagle-eyed readers have noticed that I’ve written both of these things:

  • Jed Hoyer, what are you waiting for?
  • It’s not a competition as to who goes first, and patience might bring good things

Obviously, the Chicago Cubs as currently constituted have some major holes compared to the 2023 team that won 83 games (and per its runs scored/allowed totals, could have won as many as 90).

One of those holes was created by the departure of Cody Bellinger as a free agent. And, obviously, it could be filled by signing Cody Bellinger to return to the team.

Another was created by the departure of starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, even though Stroman’s second half was downright awful. Not only did he post an 8.29 ERA over his last 11 appearances, but the Cubs won only three of those games, after going 10-6 over Stroman’s first 16 starts.

I don’t think a Cubs/Stroman reunion will happen, nor do I want that.

But I’m here to post the names of what I think would be a useful, if not ideal, Cubs offseason of signings. I’ve mentioned these names before.

Obviously, Bellinger is first on the list. I’d also like to see the Cubs sign Jordan Montgomery, or if he’s unavailable, go for Shoto Imanaga from NPB. Or, make a crosstown trade and acquire Dylan Cease.

Lastly, the Cubs need bullpen help and Robert Stephenson would fit the bill as a solid setup man.

That would shore up the positions vacated after 2023 and help the bullpen — and the bullpen, let’s face it, was one of the primary reasons for the September collapse.

The point of this post is to throw the floor open to you, the BCB reader. What would make an ideal offseason for you, given the players still available?

Have at it.