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The Guardians win the MLB Draft Lottery. The Cubs will pick 14th

Major League Baseball

The Cleveland Guardians, who had the ninth-best odds to win the No. 1 pick in the 2024 MLB Draft, won the draft lottery and will have the No. 1 overall pick for the first time in franchise history.

The Oakland A’s, who had the worst record in baseball and the best odds for the top pick, dropped to No. 4.

Here is the overall draft order:

MLB Network

The Cubs, who began the lottery ranked 17th among the teams who had a chance in the lottery, moved up three spots to 14th because the Yankees, Mets and Padres, all of whom missed the playoffs, were ineligible to move up because all three went over the second level of the luxury tax. The Nationals, who ordinarily would have been eligible as they missed the postseason, also had to sit out because:

This year, 17 of the 18 non-playoff teams are eligible. Washington is ineligible because teams that are “payor clubs” — clubs that give, rather than receive, revenue sharing dollars — are not allowed to be selected in consecutive lotteries. Because the Nationals were selected last year, their odds are reduced to zero this year (and redistributed evenly among the other teams) even though they finished with the fifth-worst record in baseball in 2023. Additionally, the Nationals may not receive better than the 10th overall pick.

Fourteenth is a reasonable place to pick for the Cubs, who at 83-79 missed the 2023 postseason by one game. The Draft will be held as part of All-Star Game festivities in Arlington, Texas in July 2024.