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Please welcome Mr. Cheerios to the Cubs as we have some fun with anagrams

A different look at names on the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

It’s been a while since we had the offseason time to look at the Cubs’ 40-man roster in anagram form — last year, with the lockout there really wasn’t time to do this.

So I thought, as we get closer to Spring Training, I’d post these humorous anagrams for everyone on the Cubs’ 40-man roster, including the recently-signed Michael Fulmer.

I’ve given away the identity of the Cub in the headline with the photo. See if you can figure out the others. I’ve put them in alphabetical order by anagram and added some punctuation to some of them. As always, I have used the fantastic Internet Anagram Server.

Some of these would make good rock band names. And I think we should all call Eric Hosmer “Mr. Cheerios.”

Sadly, two 40-man roster Cubs are excluded from this fun: Ben Brown and Seiya Suzuki generated no anagrams.


A Carnival Taken
A Hip Pan
A Lame Aim Guy
A Renewal Hermit Jury
A Somnolent Jail
Anorexia Calendar
Ban Horned Hugs
Card Mail King
Dear Java Sis
Each Crime Lurk
Elderly Gin Cob
Gas Money
Grabber Bred Ox
Heartburn Track
I Black A Line
Icy Train Men
Ink Cow War
Jam Retries Ahead
Key New Danishes
Lardy Oat Blaze
Mandarin Soaps
Mr. Chat Zinc Sky
Mr. Cheerios
Mr. Fecal Helium
Mr. Nuts Sarcoma
Mr. Sly Dewy
Ms. Sumo Liberation
Nanny Jeers
Never Sin Band
No Phenom Gasket
North Rebates
Oh! Rude Ice
Preschooler Mirth
Rich Neon Ore
Silky Neck Herd
Skid Row Impact
Snob’s Sand Yawn
Teens Just Lie
Van Sequel Nozzle