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Outside The Confines: Baseball says farewell to Tim McCarver

The legendary catcher passed away at age 81.

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Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

How you remember Tim McCarver may entirely depend on what generation of baseball viewership you come from. A two-time All-Star catcher who spent most of his 21-year playing career with the Cardinals and the Phillies, McCarver was at his playing prime in the mid-to-late 1960s, though he continued to be a powerful contributor to his teams all the way through the 1970s. He was one of very few players who could say he played across four different decades.

McCarver was one of those men who could never leave baseball behind him though, and after his professional playing career ended he went on to carve a place for himself in broadcasting that began with baseball but soon saw him as a go-to sports analyst with ABC. He won three Emmy Awards for his color commentary and a winner of the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting. McCarver was the go-to broadcaster for the World Series, performing the duty a whopping 24 times across multiple networks, 13 of those were on national television.

McCarver announced his retirement from broadcasting in 2022. He passed away from heart failure on February 16.

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