Suggestions for our Trip to Wrigley Field

Hi guys! So later this year me and the super awesome future wife will be tying the knot and we felt what better way to celebrate our honeymoon then with a trip to Wrigley! Both the Giants and Dbacks will be in town (4-9 Sept) so we'll be looking to attend games most of the week. Reason I'm doing a fan post is so that I can go back later and reference your comments when it actually comes time to purchasing some of this stuff...

Since this will be both of ours first trip to Wrigley (and my 1st since we moved from there in 1978) I would like to get some suggestions from you guys on how to best plan this trip. So far, we've reserved a room at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, but we do have some questions about the area, if this is a good hotel, etc. We looked at the Hotel Zachary and that's out: They want $600 a night for a king bed...if you want a view of Wrigley, it's $1153 a night so we can't afford that.

Some other questions: Should we rent a car or use public transportation? If I can find my old address I'd like to go and see my old house in Frankfurt but other than that, everything else would be in the city... If we use public trans, how much should we budget? How is it getting to and from Wrigley from where we would be staying? When should we plan to be at the ball park and how far out should we buy tickets? Should we look for a particular section to sit in or just take what's best available?

Sorry for all the questions but we want to make sure we plan this out as this is our 1st and most likely only trip to Wrigley...right now we're looking at almost $3k just in flights and hotel so we want to make sure we maximize our experience...any suggestions on food would be welcome as well as I've never had true Chicago deep dish pizza and would like to try that as well...

Thanks for all the suggestions and hope to see you all at Wrigley in September!

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