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Cubs announce 2023 promotional schedule

It includes five “statue” bobbleheads.

The Cubs announced their 2023 promotional schedule Tuesday and it includes bobbleheads for each of the five statues that are at Gallagher Way and Wrigley Field, the four player statues and the one for broadcaster Harry Caray.

Here are the dates for the statue bobbleheads:

  • Saturday, May 6: Fergie Jenkins
  • Saturday, May 27: Billy Williams
  • Wednesday, July 19: Ernie Banks
  • Sunday, August 20: Ron Santo
  • Saturday, September 9: Harry Caray

There will be additional bobbleheads given away throughout the season, several of them on special ticket offer dates.

The Cubs also will have their “Bud Friday” cap giveaways in the bleachers again this year, six different color caps commemorating a specific year in franchise history.

Other giveaways include a 2023 Opening Day pin, Cubs branded beanie and Hawaiian shirt (by a liquor company, so those two are for 21 and older only), replica Nike Cubs City Connect Jersey and an MLB London Series luggage tag. The first 10,000 fans are eligible to receive these gate giveaways on the designated gameday.

I have written this before and I think it bears repeating: 10,000 is way too few for promotional items, they often cause crowd issues and force people who really want the promo to come extremely early if they want one. Most teams have at least 20,000 for giveaways and the Dodgers, who lead MLB in attendance every year, usually give away 40,000 of each item. The Cubs should follow suit.

You can read more about the 2023 promo schedule here.