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Outside The Confines: Spring Training and WBC

Spring Training keeps going and the WBC is picking up steam as the Miami and Phoenix pools start over the weekend.

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I know that some of you don’t care for the World Baseball Classic. Heck, I ran a poll in After Dark and many of you told me that you didn’t care for it. But I’m asking you to give it another chance. I understand if you haven’t tuned in yet—the games in Asia are being played late at night or early in the morning here—but the Australian upset over Korea and the Panama upset over Chinese Taipei were greatly entertaining baseball. The first few innings of that second game in Taiwan were so loud that you couldn’t hear the broadcasters. It got quieter as Chinese Taipei fell behind, but the cheerleaders were still there trying to rev up the crowd. It’s going to be that loud this weekend in Miami when the Dominican Republic, Venezuela or Puerto Rico plays. And that game in Phoenix between USA and Mexico is going to be just as loud.

And since I wrote that last paragraph, the underdog Czechs came back with a dramatic four-run top of the ninth to beat China.

Small country, big dreams.

But I’ll start you out with some non-WBC news for those who still chose not to enjoy it.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.