Cubs have had most players hit a homer

A previous post about players' first home run as a Cub mentioned that 853 different Cubs have homered in regular-season National League games, 1876-2022.

That is the most players who have homered for any of the 30 Major League teams.

The Braves have the second most, 833, followed by the Reds, with exactly 800.

The Giants are just 4 away from becoming the fourth team with 800.

The Cardinals' 777 is only 1 ahead of the Phillies' 776.

The Dodgers are at 767; the Pirates, 756.

Those are all 8 of the NL teams that began play before 1901, first season of the American League.


The AL leader is the Guardians, with 720.

The Athletics are next, with 713, then the Orioles, including their years as the Browns, with y702.

Then come the Red Sox (683), White Sox (668) and Tigers (650).

The Yankees have hit 16,785 homers, a whopping 1,598 -- 10.5 percent -- more than the Giants' second-best 15,187.

Yet the Yankees have had homers from only 634 players, second fewest among the 16 pre-expansion teams. The Twins have had the fewest, 613.


Among the 14 expansion teams, the Mets have had homers from the most players, 462. That is 17 more than the runnerup Rangers, who began play, as the Senators in 1961, 1 year before the Mets did.

The Padres are next, with 442, despite not playing their first game until 1969. They are just 3 ahead of the Angels, who started in 1961.

2 more 1969 arrivals, the Expos/Nationals (396) and Brewers (391) also rank ahead of the last of the 4 earliest new clubs, the Astros. Houston has had homers from 374 players since its debut in 1962.

356 players have homered for the Mariners, a 1977 arrival, putting them significantly ahead of the Royals (326), who had an 8-year head start.

The Blue Jays, the other 1977 addition, are at 318.

The teams that joined MLB in 1993 and 1998 round out the list: Rockies (247), Marlins (241), Rays (230) and Diamondbacks (220).



The Cubs have used 2,200 players since Opening Day of 1876.

That is 15 more than by the Cardinals (2,185), who are followed by 5 more NL teams: the Phillies (2,155), Reds (2,103), Pirates (2,089) and Braves (2,080).

The AL leader, seventh overall, is the Athletics (2,047), by 85 over the Guardians (1,962). The Orioles (1,936) are next.

The Dodgers (1,914) and Giants (1,895) complete the pre-expansion NL teams.

The Yankees have had the fewest players among all the longer-established clubs, with 1,759, just 2 fewer than the Tigers.

The Rangers have had the most among the expansion teams, 1,218. The Mets are second, with 1,184.

The Astros, the other NL team that started in 1962, have used 964, which is fewer than 3 of the 4 that began in 1969: the Padres (1,106), Expos/Nationals (1,016) and Brewers (984).

The fourth 1969 startup, the Royals, have used 962, just 2 fewer than the Astros and only 5 more than the Mariners who have used 957 since 1977, far more than the Blue Jays' 895.

The Marlins (689), Rockies (627), Rays (572) and Diamondbacks (566) round out the list.



The Cubs are among 8 teams that rank the same in number of players as they do in players who homers for the team.

The next-highest with identical ranks are the Red Sox (12th) and White Sox (14th).

The remaining 5 all rank between 21st (Expos/Nationals) and 30th (Diamondbacks).


Only 7 teams have a difference of more than 2 positions.

The Giants are 11th in players but 4th in players with homers.

The Braves are 6th and 2nd; the Dodgers, 10th and 7th.

The Cardinals are 2nd and 5th; the Phillies, 3rd and 6th; the Pirates, 5th and 8th; and the Athletics, 7th and 10th.



The Cubs' 853 players who homered represent 38.8 percent of their total 2,200.

They are tied with the Astros for the 11th highest such percentage, just .1 behind the Diamondbacks and .2 behind the Mets and Nationals.

The Giants have by far the highest percentage, 42.0.

They are followed by the Rays (40.2), Dodgers (40.1), Braves and Padres (both 40.0).

The 2 other ahead of the Cubs are the Brewers (39.7), Rockies (39.4).

The lowest percentage belongs to the Royals (33.9), then the Twins (34.4) and Athletics (34.8).

The 3 lowest NL teams are the Marlins (35.0, 27th overall), Cardinals (35.6, 25th) and Phillies (tied for 23rd with Yankees).

The combined percentage for all 30 teams is 37.4, which is exactly the percentage of the 14th-ranked Angels.



Players have hit at least 100 home runs for a team 674 times.

26 of them did it as Cubs, from Sammy Sosa (545) to Keith Moreland (100).

11 teams have had more players reached triple digits in homers.

The Yankees have had 44, which is 9 more than by the runnerup Tigers' 35 -- the same difference as between the No. 2 Tigers and No. 12 Cubs.

The other teams ahead of the Cubs: the Red Sox (34), Orioles (33), Dodgers (32), Giants (31), Athletics (29), Reds (28), Guardians and Phillies (both 27).

4 of the 5 remaining pre-expansion teams all have 24: the Braves, Cardinals, Pirates and Twins. The Rangers also have had 24.

The White Sox have 22, just 1 more than the Brewers have had since 169 and the Blue Jays, since 1977.

The Padres have had only 9, since 1969.

The Diamondbacks have had 7; the Rays, 6, both since 1998.



Those 674 players who have hit at least 100 homers for a team are 4.1 percent of all players on all teams.

At 3.0 percent, the Cubs rank 27th, leading only the Braves (2.9), Rays (2.6) and Padres (2.0).

Half of all teams are below 4.0, topped by the Giants and Twins, both at 3.9.

7 teams are at .50 or higher, beginning with the Yankees (6.9) and Blue Jays (6.6).

Then there is a big gap, as the Brewers, Tigers and Rangers share third place at 5.4.

The Rockies are at 5.3; the Red Sox, 5.0.



3,599 players have hit exactly 1 home run for a team.

The Cubs ranked 4th in that category, with an even 200.

The Cardinals have had 206; the Reds, 205; and the Braves, 203.

The Phillies have had 197; the Dodgers, 190; then the Pirates with only 174, 2 ahead of the Guardians' AL-leading 172.

The Giants have the fewest among the pre-expansion NL teams, 168.

The Orioles are 10th overall and second in the AL, with 156, 1 in front of the Red Sox.

The White Sox (127) and Tigers (123) have the fewest of all pre-expansion teams.

The Expos/Nationals have the most among expansion clubs, 93. The Mets have 88; the Padres, 84; and none of the others more than 77.



More than 1 of every 5 players who have homered for a team never hit a second homer: 21.6 percent.

The Cubs' percentage of such players, 23.4, is 8th highest, just .1 behind the Nationals' 23.5.

The top 3 have had a lone homer from more than 25 percent of their players: the Cardinals (26.5), Reds (25.6) and Phillies (25.4).

Then come the Dodgers (24.8), Braves (24.8) and Guardians (23.9).

The Pirates (23.0, 9th overall) and Giants (21.1, 15th) rank lowest among established NL teams.

The Tigers (18.9, 22nd) are lowest among pre-expansion AL clubs.

The Rockies (21.9, 14th) have the highest percentage of the expansion team, followed by the Astros (20.6, 17th).

The lowest among all clubs is just 12.2 by the Rays.

The Rangers are at 15.3; the Mariners, 15.4; the Royals, 16.0; and the Angeles, 17.5.

The Diamondbacks, at 18.2, have the lowest percentage among all NL teams. They are tied with the Blue Jays for 24th overall.

The Mets and Padres are tied for the second-lowest in the NL, at 19.0. They share 19th overall with the White Sox.

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