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The Cubs have made some changes in the bleachers

This, hopefully, will make things more fun for everyone.

The Wrigley bleachers in August 2022
Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier today, I posted this article noting some changes at Wrigley Field for the 2023 season, including a change in the gate opening time.

The Cubs have also announced some changes in bleacher procedures, as follows:

In an effort to increase efficiency, Season Ticket Holders in the beachers will now have tickets with a designated color, making tickets more easily identifiable when Season Ticket Holders take advantage of the early entry benefit.

Also, the team is designating Sections 501-502 (the two sections closest to the left field foul pole) as the Good Sport Sections for new and seasoned fans who enjoy sitting in the bleachers but prefer a more casual vibe to watch the game. In other words, a place for more serious fans like me who still enjoy sitting in the bleachers and have been for many years.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green told me:

Feedback is extremely important to us as an organization and has always guided our decision as it relates to the guest experience.

Bleacher fans are part of the Wrigley Field tradition and they are also an important part of our future as we build the next generation of fans.

They are diverse and we want to respect how our fans enjoy the game in the Bleachers whether it’s those who like lively fanfare or those who want a casual environment to keep scorecards. Enhancing the experience for everyone is good business and good for the game.

I'm hoping this can help make the bleachers the awesome experience for everyone that they've been for the last 85 years at Wrigley.

Play ball! It's just one week away.