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Outside The Confines: The last Monday without baseball

Forget the groundhog or the calendar, this is proof winter is over.

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Field of Dreams Drone Aerials Photo by Quinn Harris/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This is it friends, the week we’ve all been waiting for. Spring Training has been nice, the World Baseball Classic was a joyous blast, but there’s one thing that has kept us going all winter and it has been the two most beautiful words in the English language: Opening. Day.

As teams head home to get prepared to start the season this week, we are all planning out our schedules to watch as much baseball as possible and those of us lucky enough to get to attend these first games in person are picking our favorite lucky jerseys and dusting off our ballcaps (although anyone living in the Midwest is also figuring out if their jersey will fit over their winter jacket).

Will there be snow at at least one game, leading us to question the general madness of how these early season games are planned? Absolutely. Will we see new rules lead to infuriating wins and losses? Almost certainly. Will it be a heck of a lot of fun to see every team at least once this season? I think so!

So join me in getting more than a little enthused about the baseball season to come, and with that, let’s jump right into today’s links.