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Cubs 8, White Sox 5: Soon, it’ll be for real

A team of mostly Cubs minor leaguers defeated a team of mostly White Sox minor leaguers.

Luis Vazquez plays in the Arizona Fall League in 2021
Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

You’ve probably heard a lot about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence site that can write many different things.

Since today’s game wasn’t too meaningful and was largely played by minor leaguers, I gave ChatGPT the following prompt: “Write a recap of a spring training baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, where the Cubs won 8-5 and mostly minor league players from 2023 were used in the game by both teams.”

This is what I got:

In a spring training game between cross-town rivals Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, the Cubs emerged victorious with a score of 8-5. The game was played on a beautiful day with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s.

Both teams decided to use mostly minor league players from their respective rosters in this exhibition match, giving an opportunity for their young prospects to showcase their skills. The game started off slow, with both teams struggling to get on the scoreboard in the first few innings.

However, the Cubs broke the deadlock in the fourth inning with a two-run homer by their outfielder, who is a promising prospect for the future. The White Sox quickly responded with a three-run inning, but the Cubs managed to tie the game up in the bottom half of the inning with a two-run double by another young player.

The Cubs then took control of the game in the sixth inning, scoring three more runs with a string of singles and doubles. The White Sox made a valiant effort to come back, scoring two more runs in the eighth inning, but the Cubs’ bullpen held strong and closed out the game.

Overall, it was an entertaining game with plenty of exciting moments for both teams’ minor league players. The Cubs will surely be happy with the victory, but both teams can take away some positives from the game and use it to prepare for the upcoming season.

Okay... that’s pretty amusing if rather stilted prose, but that’s obviously not what happened. Here are some actual highlights from this game worth looking at.

Here’s a nice play from Owen Caissie to Luis Vazquez to Tucker Barnhart [VIDEO].

B.J. Murray hit a two-run double to give the Cubs the lead in the second [VIDEO].

Vazquez homered in the fifth [VIDEO].

Okay, that might actually have some meaning. Vazquez, who the Cubs thought enough of to send him to the Arizona Fall League in 2021, has had a good-D, no-hit reputation. It’s only spring games, but if Vazquez can begin to hit he might be a valuable infield prospect. He is only 23, so there’s still a chance for him to develop further.

Drew Smyly got touched up for a pair of home runs in his four-inning outing. Whether it means anything or not will probably be determined by David Ross and the coaching staff. Smyly did strike out three [VIDEO].

Also wanted to show you this great play by Pete Crow-Armstrong [VIDEO].

That kid — and he just turned 21 — is gonna be a big star.

Roster move: The Cubs officially added Luis Torrens to the 40-man roster today, and it’s expected he’ll be on the Opening Day roster. That leaves one space open on the 40-man roster, which could be filled with a non-roster reliever before Opening Day.

That finishes the Cubs’ Spring Training season with a record of 17-12-2 (and one win over the WBC Canada team). It all starts for real Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field, where the weather will be chilly but dry. The Brewers will provide the opposition for a three-game series starting then. Marcus Stroman gets the Opening Day start and he’ll be opposed by Milwaukee righthander Corbin Burnes. Game time Thursday is 1:20 p.m. CT and TV coverage will be via Marquee Sports Network.

Tomorrow, we’ll have lots of coverage of the beginning of the 2023 Cubs and MLB seasons. Don’t miss it!