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Outside The Confines: Unstoppable

The Rays are doing something we haven’t seen in ages.

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Oakland Athletics v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

A lot has been said about the Tampa Bay Rays. People love to call them cheap. They love to call them small market. People make fun of their stadium, and their propensity for trading their players. But rarely have people called them “historically good.”

The Rays have actually been excellent the last few seasons, advancing as far as the World Series in 2020, but what they’ve done so far in 2023 is prove themselves to be darned near unstoppable. As of Sunday, following an 11-0 destruction of the A’s, the Rays are now 9-0 to start the season. That hasn’t been done since 2003. The Rays will now hope to join a very small group — six teams to be exact — who have started a season 10-0 as they play host to the Boston Red Sox this week.

Those aren’t the only impressive numbers to consider, however. The Rays aren’t just winning games by a little. So far they have won every game by four or more suns. They’re the first team since 1884 to have a run differential higher than +50 through nine games.

All this to say: the Rays are having quite the start. And one fan made it pay dividends with a remarkable $50 bet on one of the Rays’ games that ended up paying out $45,000.

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