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2023 Cubs player profiles: Luis Torrens

Thirteenth in a series. Another player that has a mysterious presence on the roster. We await developments.

Torrens splits the outfielders
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Luis Alfonso Torrens is currently third on the MLB catching depth chart with the Chicago Cubs. He rarely ever plays, having logged 20 at-bats for the club, with no home runs but a dramatic three-run double to his credit [VIDEO].

The native of Venezuela has knocked around a little bit since being signed by the Yankees as an amateur free agent in 2012, and has played in the major leagues for San Diego and Seattle (he was a Rule 5 pick for the Reds in 2016). In 2021, he logged full-time duties for the Mariners and turned in a creditable 15 homer, 47 RBI season in 108 games, batting .243, and followed that with a less-productive 2022, after which he was let go.

Torrens started as the DH Sunday, April 23rd, and was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts against Clayton Kershaw. He strikes out a LOT — eight times in 20 AB so far this year, and 26 percent lifetime.

He does have a win as a pitcher:

Ha, so maybe that’s an option. Torrens, like Edwin Rios, is long past ‘prospect’ stage, but he looks as if he might be serviceable in a pinch, has some good power, and might benefit from a little playing time. He’s out of MiLB options, so it’s an MLB decision.

The bench is probably not the best place for him, but it’s where he sits, for now. He’s another player whose presence is mysterious, and fans wonder why he is there. I’m not sure myself. Torrens has played first base in the majors, and has spent a little time at second and third base in the minors.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, as we’re not privy to internal decision-making.

Next up: Cubs pitching, starting with Marcus Stroman.