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Outside The Confines: Take a seat, any seat

The A’s have more than one problem this year.

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Oakland A’s Attendance Dwindles To Historic Lows Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Well, if you want a primo seat to an Oakland A’s game this season, you should have much trouble. The club is having trouble clearing 3,000 fans a game, and it’s no wonder when you consider the announcement of their future relocation, and their current trajectory to possibly be the worst team in baseball history this season (more on that below). It’s hard to blame fans for not wanting to come out.

Meanwhile enough fans came out in New York to boo Justin Verlander during his Citi Field debut. Leave it to New York baseball fans to make it exceedingly clear when they aren’t pleased with their club. And on that note, the OTHER team in New York was already trying to fend off cheating rumors even before one of their starting pitchers was ejected for having a sticky substance on his hands.

All that and more in today’s OTC.

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