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SB Nation Reacts: Fans love the shorter MLB games

The latest Reacts survey shows fans reacting positively to the pitch timer.

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

One of the major rule changes in MLB for 2023 is the addition of a pitch timer for games. It’s had the impact of shortening the average game time by more than 20 minutes.

Fans who responded to the latest SB Nation Reacts survey said this works for them:

The average length of a game was more than three hours last year, and in fact, had been trending that way for about 20 years (2022 dropped a bit, but not much):

The current average of about 2:40 is something we haven’t seen since the mid-1980s. Personally, I love it.

The fans responding are those who watch a lot of games, too:

Three-quarters of fans surveyed — 75 percent — watched at least half the season’s worth of games, and more than 40 percent watched at least 80 percent of games (131 or more).

Lastly, fans were asked what the ideal length of a MLB season is. The responses:

About two thirds are happy with basically what we have know, though there could be some variation in that group of numbers, as MLB has suggested that a shorter season — perhaps 154-156 games — could be in the future. Since MLB definitely wants more expanded playoffs, that could come at the cost of some regular-season games. I think this is going to happen in the next few years, especially after MLB expands.

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