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Outside The Confines: Damn, Yankees

The Bronx Bombers DFA a franchise face

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Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

2016. Finding Dory was the top-grossing movie of the year. Rihanna’s “Work” dominated the radio waves. Every book club was reading The Girl on the Train. It was also the year Aaron Hicks joined the Yankees. Now, eight years later, the struggling outfielder has been designated for assignment. By the numbers, as part of a team with a fair amount of outfield depth, it shouldn’t be a surprising move. But for a club that seems to like picking up aging stars, and holding onto players past their prime for sentimental reasons, it’s actually kind of a shocker they pulled the plug on Hicks, especially so early in the season.

More on that move below, plus Byron Buxton, sibling relievers, the re-opening of Hinchliffe Stadium and much more.

(It’s a holiday in Canada today, so I hope my abbreviated preamble will be forgiven.)

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