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Outside The Confines: The shame of MLB

The A’s get hijacked to Las Vegas and the commissioner mocks A’s fans. The trade deadline is coming and the Cardinals could make a big move. Bull Durham is 35 years old.

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Tampa Bay Rays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Brandon Vallance/Getty Images

So it looks like I get the honor of announcing the A’s move to Las Vegas. Fun.

Let’s be clear. There are no plans for a stadium in Las Vegas. There are “artist renderings,” which are not plans. Therefore, there are no cost estimates, or at least none that are worth anything. And the news reports have been very vague on who is responsible for cost overruns on the stadium as well as maintenance and upkeep over the length of the 30-year lease. Or even what happens if the A’s fail to draw the 27,000 fans a game MLB is claiming they’ll draw to pay for the stadium.

And because these reports are so vague — and because the county and state will own the stadium and lease it back to the A’s — I assume the taxpayers will be responsible for this, no matter how much MLB wants to pretend this won’t be an issue. I can promise you it will be.

Honestly, this makes the Dodgers and Giants high-tailing it out of Gotham look good.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.