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Outside The Confines: Bench ‘em

A new practice of benching bad behavior is picking up steam.

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Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

“Benching” baseball players isn’t a new practice, but it seems to be gaining popularity this season, as we’re seeing managers bench their players for a number of largely behavioral reasons. No hustle on the basepaths? Get benched. Boneheaded lack of attention paid during the game? Get to the bench, buddy.

And this week we saw a new one: talented Rays’ shortstop Wander Franco was benched by his manager Kevin Cash for two games because of how he displays his frustration when he’s not doing well.

What’s interesting is how the technique does seem to work. Earlier this season Javier Báez was benched in Detroit, and afterwards it was evident he was paying more attention and being more head-in-game. So perhaps this move, while surprising, is a good one. Time will tell.

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