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#Cubs, #MLB, and #MiLB news you can use, four days a week. Weekend Edition: Everything is London and then some, mate. Good morning!

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St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs - Workout day - Friday 23rd June Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images

Welcome to today’s episode of Cub Tracks news and notes™, a greatest-hits collection of Chicago-style beat writers and bloggers, ground from #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB baseball, overheated, steeped in writers’ tears, and then cold-brewed overnight for maximum flavor.

There was no Cubs baseball Friday but there was plenty to talk about, what with a transoceanic series coming up, and so, here we are once again, with a Weekend Edition of Cub Tracks. I promise you we have and will have excellent coverage of the event and the issues of the day, along with our usual small tastes of the future.

Sunday’s edition, which will be up an hour earlier than our usual post time, will have postgame data from that day’s contest as well as some nuggets from Saturday. It’ll sort of straddle the days, an idea made necessary by the temporal differences between Europe and the States. Just FYI.

Okay? Okay. On with the show.

Chicago Tribune*: Photos: Cubs and Cardinals arrive for the London Series. It’s a big deal. Looks so cool.

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“Being a Cubs fan is a special and different thing. I don’t think you can say the same thing for the Cardinals. I’ve watched my parents with Cardinals fans and it’s not the same. There’s a camaraderie that we have that’s completely different.”

“Men, women and children were huddled together in the first cabin,” Chicago outfielder Jimmy Ryan penned in his diary on March 9, 1889. “Some singing, some joking, but the greater majority, praying.”

Discussions of a Stroman extension have intensified in recent weeks as Stroman went public with the status of negotiations, saying the Cubs “weren’t interested” in exploring an extension earlier this month.

Jed Hoyer said that he would keep the status of negotiations in-house, but later said that he was happy that Stroman wanted to stay.

“He really wants to be here,” he said in an interview on the Mully and Haugh Show. “That’s a great thing. I feel like he’s been so positive for us since he got here.”

Food for Thought:

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