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Marquee Sports Network announces direct-to-consumer streaming app

You asked for it. Now, you have it.

What you’ll see in the Marquee Sports Network streaming app
Marquee Sports Network

Marquee Sports Network today announced the introduction of a direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription offering, providing in-market Cubs fans a new option to stream live Cubs games and original Marquee Sports Network programming. The direct-to-consumer subscription offering coincides with the launch of a new app, which you can access via, web browser, mobile/tablet devices and smart TVs.

Marquee is offering its DTC product exclusively on a monthly subscription basis, priced at $19.99 per month. You can buy subscriptions at, as well as through the new Marquee Sports Network App.

For those who receive Marquee Sports Network through a traditional cable, satellite or streaming provider, access to in-market streaming will continue to be included at no extra charge.

The new Marquee Sports Network App will use 1080p resolution video. Video on-demand content, including game highlights, interviews, documentaries, original programming and more, are all included. The App will also support screencasting from a smartphone, tablet or web browser to most smart TVs and connected TV devices (for example, using Chromecast).

“We’re thrilled to launch our new direct-to-consumer subscription option, providing all in-market Cubs fans with access to Marquee Sports Network, including live Cubs games,” said Marquee Sports Network General Manager, Mike McCarthy. “The new Marquee Sports Network App will also provide an improved 1080p streaming experience for all Marquee Sports Network subscribers. We look forward to continuing to bring Cubs baseball to the passionate Cubs fans across the region.”

So for those of you who have been asking for in-market streaming of Cubs games because you are cord-cutters — it’s available now. If you have other questions, the FAQ is here on Marquee’s website.