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SB Nation Reacts: Trade deadline edition

We asked some questions about the deadline. Here are the results.

Here’s one guy who will NOT be traded at the deadline
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The trade deadline for MLB for this year comes up in just four days, Tuesday, August 1. There have already been a few deals. Perhaps the biggest of those came earlier this week when the White Sox sent Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez to the Angels for a pair of prospects.

That signaled that the Angels were buyers, and they had let it be known earlier in the week that Shohei Ohtani, perhaps the biggest name who could have been traded, won’t be.

And so these results are a bit out of date, but should still give you an idea of who our survey respondents think will be dealt:

The Cubs, of course, now find themselves back in the thick of things so it seems less likely that Cody Bellinger and/or Marcus Stroman will be traded. We also asked which Cub besides Bellinger was most likely to be dealt, and Stroman was the answer. If neither one of those men goes, though...

With the Cubs likely buyers, or standing pat, none of these men is likely to be dealt. The results are still interesting, though.

Moving back to the national baseball scene, the survey also asked which teams would be the biggest buyer and seller at the deadline, and here are the results:

I’d agree with the “seller” vote, but right now the answer to “biggest buyer” just might be the Angels, who wound up on the top seller list. And the Cubs, who finished ahead of the Angels on the “seller” list, just might be buyers.

It just goes to show you how quickly these things can change. Four days to go — there could be a lot of trade action come Tuesday.

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