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Outside The Confines: We were on an (All-Star) break!

MLB heads into its last games of the first half.

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It’s the last Friday before the halfway mark of the season hits. With that in mind, and so-called experts predicting the award winners already, let’s have a little fun and try to predict some of the biggest stories of the second half.

I think the Luis Arraez .400 story will go on until at least early September, and I honestly hope he achieves it. Shohei Ohtani currently has 31 home runs this season. Aaron Judge didn’t get to the 31 mark until AFTER the All-Star break last year. I anticipate we start seeing some real heat over those homers in the second half. Could Ohtani surpass Judge? Will the Orioles surpass the Rays and stage one of the best underdog season coups in AL East history? Which manager will get fired first and why will it be someone completely unexpected like Bud Black? Does Shohei Ohtani get traded at the deadline?

We have a lot to look forward to in the second half, friends, give me your best pitch for the big story that we’ll be linking to in the later half of the season.

Let’s get into today’s links!

  • I appreciate this type of pettiness.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.