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A look at remaining schedules for the Cubs, Brewers and Reds

There’s a lot of time left, but it’s not too early to scope these out.

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We are just about at the three-quarters mark of the 2023 season, and the Cubs are right in the mix of contention for both the N.L. Central title and a wild-card berth.

Currently, the Cubs (61-57) stand 3½ games behind the Brewers (65-54) in the division race, in a virtual tie with the Reds (62-58). The Cubs’ winning percentage is .5169, the Reds’ .5167, and the Cubs have a one-game lead in the loss column over Cincinnati.

I’m not going to list the schedules of the other wild-card contenders because there are just too many permutations at this time. As that race shakes itself out — or, it might not! — maybe I’ll add that in future installments of this series.

The Cubs might have an advantage over the Reds and Brewers in that they still have six games left against Milwaukee and four vs. Cincinnati while those two teams don’t play each other again this year. Thanks, balanced schedule.

Here are the remaining games for the three teams in the N.L. Central race.

Cubs: 44 (Home, 21; Road, 23)

Home: White Sox (2), Royals (3), Brewers (3), Giants (3), Diamondbacks (4), Pirates (3), Rockies (3)

Road: at Tigers (3), at Pirates (4), at Reds (4), at Rockies (3), at Diamondbacks (3), at Braves (3), at Brewers (3)

The Cubs have 28 games remaining against teams currently under .500 and 16 remaining against teams currently over .500.

Brewers: 43 (Home, 21; Road, 22)

Home: Twins (2), Padres (3), Phillies (3), Marlins (4), Nationals (3), Cardinals (3), Cubs (3)

Road: at Dodgers (3), at Rangers (3), at Cubs (3), at Pirates (3), at Yankees (3), at Cardinals (4), at Marlins (3)

The Brewers have a much tougher schedule, on paper, than the Cubs do. Of their 43 remaining games, just 13 are against teams currently under .500, with 30 against teams currently over .500. And their current road trip has them facing the Dodgers and Rangers while the Cubs are playing the White Sox and Royals.

Looks like a good time for the Cubs to pick up some ground.

Reds: 42 (Home, 21; Road, 21)

Home: Guardians (2), Blue Jays (3), Cubs (4), Mariners (3), Cardinals (3), Twins (3), Pirates (3)

Road: at Angels (3), at Diamondbacks (4), at Giants (3), at Tigers (3), at Mets (3), at Guardians (2), at Cardinals (3)

The Reds’ schedule reads almost as easy as the Cubs: They have 16 games remaining vs. teams currently over .500 and 26 vs. teams under .500.

It’s not an unreasonable schedule but... after five games at home they head on a 10-game West Coast swing. Those are never easy, as the Cubs found out earlier this year.

The Cubs appear to have the easiest schedule among the three N.L. Central contenders. Let’s hope they can take advantage of it. There’s more on these teams’ remaining schedules in JohnW53’s FanPost.


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