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The Cubs are calling up Jordan Wicks

And it appears he’ll be starting Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Lindsay Coward

Jordan Wicks was the Cubs’ first-round pick in 2021 (21st overall).

He’s very soon going to be a member of the Chicago Cubs:

Jesse Rogers sums up Wicks’ career in the Cubs system, which has been pretty swift. The Cubs haven’t called up a pitcher like this to start a game for the team this quickly since... well, maybe Mark Prior, 21 years ago.

Wicks is lefthanded, so he’ll slide into the rotation slot that was occupied by Drew Smyly. Smyly has moved to the bullpen, where he’s actually been pretty effective. That will help the pen, as there aren’t any other lefthanders.

Now. I’ve said previously that I didn’t think calling up Wicks at this time, in the middle of a playoff race, was a good idea. Obviously Cubs management thinks it is, or they wouldn’t be doing it. It’s been suggested by some on social media that the Cubs defense should help Wicks quite a bit. I would concur.

Best of luck, Jordan Wicks, as you join the Chicago Cubs. Tomorrow, when the roster move is made official, I’ll have another post noting the exact move. As always, we await developments.