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Outside The Confines: Just say no

What does the failed Eduardo Rodriguez deal really say?

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There has already been a lot said about the big moves that happened at the deadline, because what’s more fun than speculating about trades? Reacting to them.

Obviously, a lot of the discussion has revolved around the Mets trading both Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, but if we’re on the topic of Tigers pitchers (or former Tigers pitchers), the biggest talking point in the wake of the deadline revolves around a trade that didn’t actually happen.

Tigers starter Eduardo Rodriguez was an obvious trade target that many teams were interested in, but for some reason, the Tigers decided to listen seriously to an offer from a team that was on Rodriguez’s no-trade list. And Rodriguez opted to decline the trade, which was his right to do.

Whether this speaks highly of Rodriguez for sticking it out with a mid-level AL Central team because he seems to like the environment; or it is a lose-lose scenario for everyone involved, plenty of people are discussing what it means.

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