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Outside The Confines: Doomed Bloom

Chaim Bloom’s tenure with the Red Sox has come to an end.

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a bad year to be a president of baseball operations for MLB Sox team. After the White Sox cleared out the big offices, now it’s the Red Sox turn as they axed chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom after almost four years with the team.

Bloom came to the club after they fired Dave Dombrowski, and people believed that Bloom’s small-market mentality from his tenure with the Tampa Bay Rays could help right the cart for the Red Sox. One of the first things he did was to trade Mookie Betts, which will forever define his legacy with the organization. (Trading expensive superstar players is entirely in line with the Rays’ MO, so it shouldn’t have been surprising to see Bloom make this move).

Now that the Red Sox have continued to slump lower and lower in the AL East standings it was obvious someone was going to take the blame, and that person ended up being Bloom. Let’s see what some of news sites were saying about the move.

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