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Outside The Confines: Rays stay home

Hey, so it looks like sometimes stadium deals do work.

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays-Press Conference Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

After much debate and discussion about the Tampa Bay Rays’ future in Florida, and whether or not the team would stay in St. Petersburgh, head to Tampa proper, or leave the state entirely and head to Montreal (remember that split season idea?) it would appear that the Rays will stay in St. Petersburgh after all.

The Rays have finalized a deal for the future home of their stadium, and it will be a new 30-year lease for a location in St. Pete’s historic Gas Plant District. It will once again be a dome (look, if you’ve ever spent time in Florida in the summer, you know why this is necessary), and will seat about 30,000 fans.

The stadium is set to open in 2028 after the current stadium lease expires in 2027.

Here’s some additional reading on the stadium deal:

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