Seiya Suzuki Strike Zone awareness

Bring on the robot umps!!!

I know there was a piece on Cubs Insider from May of last year that talked about how often Seiya got a strike called on him that was actually a ball. At that time, he led the majors with 24 balls that were called strike against him. Anyone know where I can find that data? I would LOVE to pour through it.

That bit him again tonight. He absolutely should have been walked on a 3-2 curve ball in the bottom of the ninth that was too high and never got back to the zone. Nearly two balls too high in this case. Yet there's Seiya walking back to the dugout after being hosed again.

This is two days in a row where the biggest missed call of the game comes at the worst possible time. A walk to Seiya there and the trying run comes to the plate and the Buccos closer is reeling, just like Leiter was the night before when he got hosed on what should have been strike three.

MLB HAS to fix this. The Ball-Strike-Challenge system seems to work quite well and doesn't add much time to games. Two games where the momentum turned against the Cubs on one pitch. One badly missed pitch.

Bring on the robot overlords. I, for one, welcome their rule.

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