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Justin Steele, Adbert Alzolay, 4 other Cubs settle 2024 contracts

All six arbitration-eligible Cubs are signed for the year.

Photo by Matt Dirksen/Getty Images

As I noted earlier this morning, today was the day for MLB teams to settle contracts with arbitration-eligible players. The deadline, 12 noon CT, has passed. If arb-eligible players are not signed as of now, they and the teams will exchange contract figures and likely head to a hearing.

Five of the six arb-eligible Cubs have reported to have agreed to terms. Here are the contract terms, and a brief comment on each.

MLB Trade Rumors’ projection for Justin Steele was $4.1 million, so the settlement was just a bit under that. I continue to believe the team and player would be well-served to sign a long-term deal. “As always, we await developments.”

Again, this came in just a bit under MLBTR’s projection of $2.5 million. This seems a very reasonable deal for Adbert Alzolay.

Again, just slightly under the MLBTR projection of $1.9 million. With the Cubs’ acquisition of Michael Busch, I don’t see any place on the Cubs for Nick Madrigal. Perhaps they can trade him before Opening Day.

These continue to be just under projections. For Mike Tauchman, MLBTR had him at $2 million. $1.95 million is quite reasonable for a competent fourth outfielder, which is what Tauchman is.

Continuing our theme today, Mark Leiter Jr. receives a bit less than the $1.6 million projected by MLBTR. Presuming he’s healthy, this is a good deal for a reliever of his talents.

That leaves Julian Merryweather. At this writing I have not been able to find anything about Merryweather, either about a settlement figure or that he and the Cubs are going to a hearing. He’d be the only 2024 Cub to do so, if that happens. I will update this article if there’s further information.

UPDATE: Julian Merryweather is signed, so the Cubs will have no arb hearings this year.