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Cody Bellinger watch: 38 days to the Spring Training opener

The free agent outfielder/first baseman still has not signed.

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Those of you who have been around BCB for a while will likely remember a series I posted here about a free agent that most of us wanted the Cubs to sign.

It was called “The Daily Darvish.” Here’s just one example from that series.

Here we are in a similar situation, six years later. Again, most (I won’t say all, because it’s not) here would like the Cubs to sign Cody Bellinger. Things are a bit different now. Darvish had never played for the Cubs prior to 2018 and Bellinger gave the Cubs a fine 2023 season. The Cubs have a different executive in charge of signing than they did in 2018 and he’s dealing with a different agent.

Mostly, this series is simply intended to:

  • Post whatever Bellinger news I can find, and
  • Give you a point for discussion.

We’ll start with silly. This article, posted last Saturday, is headlined “Blue Jays emerge as Cody Bellinger favorite over Giants amid slow free agency.” However, the article gives exactly zero evidence of that actually being true, instead citing betting lines, which have nothing to do with the actual chances of a player signing with a team.

The writer concludes:

At the moment, the Blue Jays project to be a legitimate contender to sign Cody Bellinger. The Cubs are probably their biggest threat, though. Meanwhile, the Giants are still in the conversation.

And just who is this writer?

Joey Mistretta is a Dallas Mavericks beat reporter and lead MLB editor for ClutchPoints. He is originally from a small town in Southern California. Mistretta graduated college with a degree in broadcast journalism from Biola University.

I posted all of that mainly to show you the quality, or lack thereof, of writing on this topic.

On a more serious and reasonable note, Sahadev Sharma wrote this regarding Bellinger in The Athletic:

“I think the world of Cody,” Hoyer said. “Obviously, he had a great year here. Even beyond having a great year for us, he really ingratiated himself well with the city, fan base and players. The players really think highly of him, and he knows I think really highly of him. None of that has changed at all.”

Others are free to do so, but Hoyer was never going to scream to the masses how badly he wants Bellinger back. Bellinger truly loved his time in Chicago and would be thrilled to return. Hoyer, Counsell, the team and many in the organization feel similarly.

Bellinger is still a great fit for this team. Yes, [Michael] Busch seems headed for first and [Pete] Crow-Armstrong is viewed as the future in center. But the Cubs aren’t going to avoid re-signing Bellinger at the right price because of that. There are multiple paths to making it work, and it wouldn’t be hard. Bellinger could start the season in center with Busch at first. If and when Crow-Armstrong pushes the issue, Bellinger could go to first and Busch could shift to DH and fill in elsewhere over time, leveraging his versatility.

That’s a pretty succinct summary of where the Cubs stand regarding fitting Bellinger into their lineup. It does indeed seem clear that Bellinger enjoyed being a Cub and would be a great fit on return. Here, let’s send some good vibes out:

All we can do is wait, or as I always say, all together now:

“As always, we await developments.”