You only get *one* free agent. Who do you want it to be?

[This should ideally be a poll... but if it's possible to do this in a fanpost it eludes me so this'll just be asking you to leave comments]

So with time running out before the Cubs start their training camp, there are still several important free agents unsigned. I've been one of the more vocal people here that the Cubs should loosen up their budget. While i still believe this, the fact remains that they probably won't do so and so there's probably only room left for one major signing.

IMO, the main candidates for this signing are:

  • Bellinger
  • [Matt] Chapman
  • Blake Snell
  • Jordan Montgomery
  • Josh Hader
  • Save up for 2025 (Juan Soto! and many others)
  • [You can also select someone else if you want, but for this exercise assume that doing so means you can't have any of the above, and you don't get to save for 2025]
You only get one. Who do you pick?

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