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Five Cubs prospects make Baseball America’s Top 100

National publications are noting that the Cubs’ farm system is among the best in baseball.

Cade Horton

Baseball America announced their Top 100 prospects for the upcoming 2024 season (sub. req.) and five Cubs prospects made their list. What’s more impressive is that all five of them were among the top 50 prospects

The five players are:

18. Pete Crow-Armstrong OF

24. Cade Horton RHP

31. Matt Shaw SS

43. Michael Busch 3B

47. Owen Caissie OF

The Baltimore Orioles also had five prospects in the Top 50 and one more in the Top 100. Of the rest of the league, only the Brewers, with three, had more than two in the Top 50.

The Cubs total of players in the Top 100 could have been even greater. Baseball America named catcher Moises Ballesteros and outfielder Kevin Alcántara among the 15 players who “just missed” making the Top 100. Additionally, Baseball America announced this year that they would no longer consider foreign professionals as prospects, but they said that if they still did, new Cubs left-hander Shōta Imanaga would have ranked 89th.

Earlier this week, Baseball Prospectus named their Top 101 prospects (free reg. req.) and no organization had more prospects than the nine the Cubs that were on BP’s list. Those nine Cubs were:

20. Pete Crow-Armstrong OF

21. Matt Shaw IF

27. Cade Horton RHP

65. Owen Caissie OF

71. Michael Busch 2B

80. Kevin Alcántara OF

84. Moises Ballesteros C

91. James Triantos 3B

94. Jordan Wicks LHP

I’m just copying whatever the position the publication listed them at. That’s why there’s a discrepancy over Busch’s position, for example.

But as you can see from these two lists, the Cubs’ farm system is pretty highly regarded at the moment. The last time the Cubs farm system had this many good minor league prospects would have been in the 2013-14 era, and we know what happened just a few years after that.