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Outside The Confines: A new Chicago stadium?

Are too many teams vying for new stadiums these days?

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Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It feels like every few week we’re discussing a new baseball stadium. We’ve heard discussion (obviously) about the A’s, who are taking it to the extreme and building their new stadium in a totally different state, but also the Rays, Brewers, and Royals have all been mentioning plans to explore or develop new stadiums.

The newest team in that conversation is the Chicago White Sox, who may be looking to make a move from Chicago’s south side to the South Loop. The move would certainly be a divisive one among Chicago natives, but in terms of a tourism destination, it would be hard to beat the proposed area.

That said we’re a long way off from this being a sure thing, but it’s certainly one to keep on the radar.

Admittedly, though... this would be a killer view...

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