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The Daily Belli watch: 29 days to the Cubs Spring Training opener

We wait. And watch. And count days. Is it spring yet?

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There’s actually a bit of Cody Bellinger news, via this NBC Sports Chicago article from late Wednesday:

One MLB insider recently updated Bellinger’s free agency, confirming the Cubs are considered the leading favorites.

“Cubs need to make a move ... I do believe, at this point, that is the likelihood (re-signing Bellinger),” Jon Heyman said on a Bleacher Report live stream. “Not saying it’s a guarantee in any way. I’ll just say I would think they’re probably the favorites at this moment.”

Here’s the clip of Heyman addressing the Bellinger issue:

This is the sort of thing we hear from national writers and reporters all the time. While Heyman’s fulltime gig is at the New York Post, he also appears often on MLB Network.

I mention this for this reason: It’s well-known that Heyman has an in with Scott Boras. So this could very well be a signal sent up by Boras that perhaps Bellinger is ready to sign if the Cubs would move whatever their offer is, just a little.

Or not. It’s so hard to tell. But it does sound, as we’ve been discussing here, that Bellinger and the Cubs are a good match. The player knows it. The team knows it. The agent knows it.

Today would be a good day for the Cubs to re-sign Cody Bellinger.

Get it done, Jed.


Assuming the Cubs do re-sign Cody Bellinger, where will he play the most games in 2024?

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