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There’s more trouble for the Oakland Athletics’ proposed move to Las Vegas

It’s still possible this doesn’t happen.

The rendering above shows what a stadium for the Oakland Athletics in Las Vegas might look like.

If what’s been reported on this over the last few days is true, that move seems less likely than ever to happen.

On Wednesday, there was a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Las Vegas to promote the team’s move. Did I say “promote”?

This guy has it right:

That luncheon was supposed to be sort of a pep rally for welcoming the A’s to Vegas. Did you hear any “pep” in that crowd?

But wait, there’s more!

So they’re likely not going to be able to build the stadium they want on the land that’s been proposed (where the Tropicana resort hotel, the “Trop” referred to above, now stands). That means back to the drawing board for a location, and then there are these questions:

The “where will they play in 2025” question was addressed, a bit, in the last article I wrote on this topic 10 days ago, and even that’s up in the air. Some games at Oracle Park, maybe? Some games in Sacramento? As noted in that article:

The 2025 schedule is expected to be released shortly after the All-Star break, but teams generally see a preliminary schedule as early as May. It’s possible a final schedule could be released with some sites for A’s home games pending, but the preference is to have all scheduling matters ironed out by then. Another preference is scheduling all 81 home games in one location, but MLB isn’t ruling out multiple home sites.

What a mess. Lastly, this article says A’s owner John Fisher is “open” to selling minority shares in the team:

In an interview with The Nevada Independent, A’s owner John Fisher said having local investors owning a minority stake in the A’s “creates another connection to the community” as the team plans its eventual move to Southern Nevada.

Fisher said he wasn’t looking to sell ownership to any legal gaming companies because Major League Baseball has strict rules and guidelines governing team ownership.

“I think the more we get to know and connect with the community, the greater chance we have for success,” Fisher said.

“Create a connection with the community”? Or is it that he doesn’t have the money he’d need to pony up for his portion of the stadium construction? Remember, Nevada has earmarked about $380 million for that (and there’s a lawsuit pending about that, too), and the total cost might be $1 billion or more. This has precedent: The Ricketts family sold some minority non-voting shares in the Cubs to help finance the Wrigley Field renovations.

There was money on the table in Oakland for a new ballpark for the A’s, but Fisher simply chose to ignore that.

Time’s moving along and this Las Vegas deal seems no closer to happening than it did months ago. I’m still thinking, in the end, it’s not going to happen.


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