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The Daily Belli watch: 22 days to the Cubs Spring Training opener

Another day has gone by without a Bellinger signing.

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Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s February!

That means there will be baseball this month.

You’d think Cody Bellinger might want to be signed soon, so he could start working out with his Cubs teammates in Mesa. (Yes, I’m making a leap of faith here.)

Seriously, though, I’ve got nothing today. Not even another “various industry sources” or “team executives” thinking that Bellinger and the Cubs are a perfect match.

Which they are. You know it. I know it. Bellinger knows it. Even Bellinger’s agent, Scott Boras, likely knows it.

So this is more or less a true open thread for baseball discussion today. Write a caption for the photo. Stay in tune with baseball news for the day.

Last night I was re-reading some of the “Daily Darvish” articles I wrote six years ago in anticipation of Yu Darvish signing with the Cubs, which, ultimately, he did.

Like I said, I’ve got nothing today. So here’s a song from 1995, the year Cody Bellinger was born. Seems somehow appropriate.