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Marquee Sports Network will broadcast some Cubs spring games remotely

The channel is changing its procedure from previous springs.

Marquee Sports Network

Jeff Agrest of the Chicago Sun-Times reports on a change for Marquee Sports Network:

The lead tandem of Jon Sciambi and Jim Deshaies will be in Arizona for the first weekend of games at the end of this month. Most of the remaining games will be called remotely. While the availability of broadcasters is part of the equation, sources say Marquee also is looking to cut costs and focus on regular-season game and shoulder programming.

Sciambi will continue calling college basketball for ESPN into March. The Score’s Zach Zaidman and Iowa Cubs broadcaster Alex Cohen will be among the broadcasters calling spring games remotely. Marquee will be on site for other weekend games. It again plans to air almost every Cubs spring game and will release schedule details in a couple of weeks.

So there won’t be any change in the actual number of games aired by Marquee, who has covered almost every Cubs spring game over the last couple of seasons, it’s just a change in the way the games will be announced, along with some variations in the announcers you’ll hear calling the games.

This is also interesting regarding the Cubs TV channel:

Marquee also is navigating personnel changes. Recently, general manager Mike McCarthy stepped down to attend to his health, and senior vice president of programming and production Mike Santini left for family reasons.

The article doesn’t say who’s leading Marquee in the interim, but a change of management for the channel will obviously be coming soon.