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Outside The Confines: The Orioles finally did something

And it was something big.

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Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Baltimore Orioles have had a relatively quiet offseason thus far, but it seemed like they were waiting until we were on the cusp of spring training, but now they’ve decided to make some bold moves and oh boy are those moves BOLD.

For starters, they traded two MLB-ready prospects to the Milwaukee Brewers in return for former Cy Young winner Corbin Burnes. It sets up their rotation for success, especially coming off of their wonderfully surprising 2023 year.

The next big move is that, SURPRISE, they’re selling the team! The Angelos family has sold the club to an investment group headed by David Rubenstein, and including investors whose names will be very familiar to MLB fans, like Cal Ripken Jr. The team sold for over $1.7 billion, which some experts are suggesting was a bargain.

The O’s really said “we’re waiting for our moment” in terms of making a splash.

Here are some notes on the trade (and the sale):

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