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Theo Epstein has become a part-owner of the Red Sox

He’s taken a multi-faceted role with Fenway Sports Group.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Theo Epstein did some great things in the nine years he ran the Chicago Cubs, including bringing the World Series championship to Chicago in 2016.

He did the same in breaking a long WS drought in Boston while running the Red Sox, and now he’s returning to Boston in a part-ownership role:

One-time Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein is returning to the organization, taking part ownership of Fenway Sports Group and joining in the role of senior advisor, FSG will announce Friday morning.

“It’s a great honor, something I’m really excited about,” Epstein said in a video call. “It’s just exciting to be joining such a dynamic, groundbreaking company across multiple sports, doing so many innovative things at the cutting edge of everything going on in sports these days. For me, it’s perfect, I was looking for a pathway into ownership.”

At Fenway, Epstein will work on sports initiatives across the business’ holdings, which include Liverpool FC, the Pittsburgh Penguins, RFK Racing, TGL’s Boston Common Golf and a recently acquired stake in the PGA Tour, in addition to the Red Sox.

When Theo left the Cubs to work in the Commissioner’s office, there was some talk that if he returned to a team, it would be in an ownership role, and that’s exactly what’s happened here. The Sportico article linked above says that while Epstein is leaving the Commissioner’s office, he will “continue to informally serve the league’s competition and on-field committees,” where he was one of the driving forces behind the rule changes such as the pitch timer, bigger bases and restricting defensive shifts that went into effect in 2023.

Regarding his role with the Red Sox:

On the baseball side, Epstein says he’ll act as a sounding board and executive coach, if needed, to the Red Sox baseball operations people. Notably, he hired Red Sox chief baseball officer Craig Breslow while at the Cubs. “I’m a full believer in him and what he and his team are going to mean for the Red Sox,” Epstein said of Breslow, who joined the Red Sox in October. “With the other sports, where I have a lot to learn, hopefully my experience not only with teams but with Major League Baseball and with private equity will come in handy, at least as a supportive resource for the people at FSG.”

I wish Theo Epstein the best in his new baseball role in Boston. As a Boston native, it kind of figured he’d wind up back there eventually.

And we’ll always have 2016.